Crystal Steering Wheel Cover

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 Set your ride apart from the rest with our Crystal Steering Wheel Cover!

The Carreau Crystal Steering Wheel Cover is crafted from premium materials to ensure the best overall quality possible.

1000's of smoothed bling stones are embedded directly on the side of the cover for a soothing hand feel.

Our steering wheel cover is designed to be compatible with most car brands. It's suitable for heated steering wheels and it has a special non-slip inner to prevent slippage.

We take pride in what we offer, If you aren’t delighted with your order, let us know, and we’ll do our best to make it right.



  • Unmatched Comfort: Not only is it made to look fabulous in your car, but it also provides a layer of comfort so you're comfortable behind the wheel at all times!
  • Environmental Adaptation: Most covers don't work with a heated steering wheel or sometimes get too hot to handle in the sun. The Carreau Steering wheel cover, on the other hand, functions with a heated wheel and is heat resistant up to 420°F!
  • Easy Installation: It's made to easily fit most cars with a standard size steering wheel due to its universal design.
  • Built to Last: Due to the high-quality materials used and the way the crystals are embedded, this cover will provide your car glamour & comfort for many miles!


Fit & Installation Guide

The Carreau Crystallized Steering Wheel Cover is easy to install and will fit most medium-sized steering wheels up to 14.5 to 15'' inches in diameter.

Follow the steps below to ensure the proper installation of your Carreau Steering Wheel Cover.

Step 1 Put the Carreau Steering Wheel Cover on top of your steering wheel. 

Step 2 Pull the steering wheel cover tight from top to side. 

Step 3 Keep pulling the steering wheel cover tight from side to bottom. 

Step 4 Fix the bottom of the steering wheel cover and adjust it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will this cover fit my car?

Answer: It depends on the size of your steering wheel. Our cover is designed to fit the most standard size steering wheels (14.5''-15'') in diameter.

Question: Are the crystals uncomfortable to touch?

Answer: Not at all, It's actually the opposite! The crystals have smooth finishing so it won't scratch your hands. Most of our customers actually like the texture!

Question: I live in a hot place. Will it become too hot to handle?

Answer: No! You may feel some warmth (depending on the weather) but it won't get to the point where you can't keep your hands on the wheel.

Question: Will the bling blind me?

Answer: No, the sparkle that comes from this cover is very subtle and won't blind the person behind the wheel or anyone else. The camera makes the glare look much more than it is as you see on the pictures and videos.